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Gary Taffet is the founder and co-owner of Reliance Insurance Group, LLC, an insurance company based in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Though Taffet launched Reliance as an independent insurance consultant/broker, it was later purchased and made a subsidiary of Acrisure. Acrisure ranks as the top insurance brokerage firm currently operating in the United States.

The Reliance Insurance Group specializes in areas such as group health insurance, property insurance, and casualty insurance. However, the company is classified as a full-service insurance brokerage and provides comprehensive services as a result.

Under Taffet’s leadership, Reliance serves as an insurance advisor for numerous government agencies and private businesses. In particular, the company provides helpful insight and advice concerning employee benefits programs. Reliance Insurance Group provides in-depth analysis to companies seeking these services and helps to implement and administer such programs on behalf of clients.

When Gary established Reliance Insurance Group in 2006, his goal was to create an insurance company that emphasized personal relationships and solutions. Reliance was developed to be a very hands-on insurance provider, offering the highest levels of competence and service for clients. That commitment has continued past the acquisition by Acrisure when “National Strength, Local Presence” became the Reliance Insurance Group slogan.

As the founder of Reliance Insurance Group, Gary Taffet continues to provide leadership and guidance to the firm, as well as manage numerous client relationships. With over 20 years of experience in insurance and government administration, Taffet is qualified to lead the company at both the micro and macro levels.

Taffet received his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and went on to earn a Master’s degrees (Master of Public Administration/Master of Government Administration) from the University of Pennsylvania. His government roles before the founding of the Reliance Insurance Group included insurance work in the New Jersey General Assembly, a position as the Chief of Staff for the town of Woodbridge, New Jersey, and a job as Chief of Staff for the New Jersey Governor from 2002 to 2003.

It was after working as a key official in the New Jersey State Government that Taffet launched Reliance. Considered an expert on Public Sector Group Health Plans, Taffet built an insurance company that governments and businesses alike could trust with their coverage. Taffet’s unique perspective and expertise quickly established Reliance Insurance Group into one of the fastest grown insurance companies in the country.

In addition to its close devotion to clients and their insurance needs, Reliance Insurance Group is also dedicated to giving back to society. As the leader of Reliance, Gary Taffet has repeatedly made a point of providing financial contributions on the company’s behalf to multiple charities. The firm’s main causes are charitable efforts to provide services to people who would otherwise not be able to afford them. These causes include:

  • North Hudson Community Action, a federally qualified health clinic that provides health services to those in need.
  • Smile Train, an organization that provides dental + cleft palate treatments at reduced costs.
  • The Eric LeGrand Foundation, a charity that helps spinal cord injuries.


If you have questions about Mr Gary Taffet or Reliance Insurance Group, please send all enquiries to Lindsey Klein. You can reach Lindsey by both telephone (732 602 0010) and email ([email protected]).

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